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SimbaMedia has 4 exclusive hosting packages customized to suit any business from Startups to Bigger Companies.We specialize in Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Hosting.Visit our Homepage to view and choose our hosting packages.

Purchase domains using our search bar wizard found on every page of this website and choose from from the various extensions provided.

If you already own your domain , we can handle domain transfers for you or you can just point your domain to our nameservers.This information is provided on our forums or in the email with your hosting information.

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We have an innovation HUB endowed with a team of experienced developers.We specialise in both frond end and back end development. Smooth coders who write in all prominent languages and modern technologies will deliver your job in good time .


We can help you brand your company , design advertizing content ,flyers,bronchures,whiteboard videos ,photography ,social media advertising, adwords, Search Engine Optimization(SEO),Digital Marketing.

Marketing can be appreciated more when statistics and user feedback can be generated on campaigns and manipulated to useful information which can influence decision and boost volumes of sales. We are the righ IT partner if you need tools for E-mail Campaigns and Statistics dashboards

Contact Us to explore more on this service . Analytic tools will be accessible on the public domain through this website soon.

IT Consultancy

The confusion comes when you want to choose which technology to use when delivering your product.Questions like is it scalable?,is it sustainable?,is the design or engineering correct? ,will it crush? ,is ot feasible ? ,how much ? come in handy and you need an expert to help you make all the right decisions. Simba Media is that partner.

We breathe and eat Technology and that is why you should trust us .Evidence lies in our work(past and current projects).

Payments and Social Media Integration

Due to the sensitivity and serious security requirements that come with processing transaction online, this is no doubt a difficult task and experts in this field are quite expensive to employ. Hiring one is the most recommended option and this is what we are here for.

The Zimbabwean and international market , have been moving fast to make payments online more secure and easily accesible and we complement just that.

If you are thinking PayNow,Vpaymemnts,Paypal,Bitcoin,Payeer,Perfect Money,Ecocash,Visa and Card Payments,E-commerce scripts ,AliPay.